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Laws can be a scary thing to have to deal with. Of course the majority of us try to live legal lives, sticking to speed limits, never stealing, registering for taxes etc.; but sometimes we have to deal with the law and it can be a scary thing. Especially if we do not realise that we have even done something wrong. Sometimes something wrong is done against us and we do not realise that it is wrong too, so it is really important to be knowledgeable about the legal processes and know whom to contact if you are ever unsure. 


Perhaps you have had a work dispute and are being unfairly dismissed or suspended. You may thing that your management has the power to do as they wish but half the time the company is simply breaching company policy and actually breaking the law against you.


What if your tax disc ran out yesterday but you just need to quickly pop to the shops and it is raining so you decide to drive your car quickly. You’re going to pay it tomorrow so it should be fine right? Again, this is illegal and could land you in a lot of trouble. 


Maybe you are claiming benefits for yourself but your partner is actually living with you that is a prosecutable offense even if you didn’t realise.

Have you recently invented a new product and have decided to sell it online to make some extra money? This may seem harmless but unless you have the proper standard checks and certifications as well as licenses, this too is illegal.


What we offer here at Care Law

There are so many occasions when people simply do not realise that they are breaking the law, or that the law has been broken and they are the victims of it. Care Law is a comprehensive service that helps you to find the legal advice that you need. Here is a breakdown of our services:

   24-hour support - If you think that you may have broken the law, or you think that something has happened and you aren’t sure if it was legal or not then get in touch. We are a confidential service and our team will simply listen to you and guide you to the right move. 

   Contacts - We have contacts with the best legal teams in the country. Whether your query is work related, council related or home related (or anything else for that matter) we could point you in the right direction and put you in touch with the best legal team for your particular needs.

   Law book - We have an online legal book, which allows you to search for offenses. You can see whether that work dispute is fair and what the repercussions are for your delayed bill payment. It is all there for you to read and learn from. 


So if you feel unsure about the law and any problems that you are currently facing give our team a call. Our consultations are absolutely free!



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