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Where To Study In Belfast

School may sound like just another stage in life. Well, technically, it is more big a deal than some would like to admit. It’s the designated educational experience, which plays a big role in the development of a person. So how far should we go to maximize its benefits? 

Parents go through a lot trying to provide the best for their children. As far as academic development is concerned, well, let me help ease that burden. The following are schools, all located in Belfast, Ireland, for kids and teenagers, which offer the best learning experience. These schools will guarantee that your child will be prepared to face the world when they’re done. 

1. De La Salle College, Belfast

Established in 1966, LaSalle College, as it’s also known, is a Catholic boys’ School founded on Christian principles. Christianity is the main foundation and perspective that governs De la salle college. Parents are encouraged to enroll their sons who would be transformed into respectable men. The school focuses on achieving academic excellence which speaks for itself. Extracurricular activities are included to provide stability and a sense of purpose for the boys. 

As stated earlier, good morals are the end goal intended to be assimilated by the students. I know what you’re thinking, strict Catholic? I don’t want to put my boy though that. Allow me. It’s not as bad as you think it should be. Getting a school that commits to proper upbringing of your child well, that’s the selling point. Currently, our world is full of pleasantries and vices too. The idea is to get your son well equipped to handle all that!

2. Methodist College Belfast

Is academic excellence your forte? How about a match made in heaven? This couldn’t be a better deal. Methody, as is commonly known, is a school well known for excellence, in all things pretty much. Yes, book wormers, you can quit grinning. Much as academic excellence is a priority, everything excellence-related also competes for the top spot. Great achievements in music, drama, and sports ensure an all rounded student body. 

Spanning for a century and a half, Methodist College Belfast has provided exemplary services to a widely diverse group of students. Its coeducational program has also provided equal opportunities for both boys and girls. Assuming you’re not yet on the next bus, train or flight to Belfast, how about this. Pastoral care and moral grounding are deeply rooted in the training curriculum. Basically, the phrase you’re in safe hands, couldn’t be truer. 

3. Royal Belfast Academical Institution 

Popular known as Inst by the locals, this school provides an extensive development opportunity for boys. Founded in 1810, Royal Belfast Academical Institution has long delivered young men with a wide skillset to face the world. The academic program is geared towards achieving excellence with teachers acknowledging individual abilities. How about ranking the best all boys’ school back in 2012 in all of Ireland? That should get your checkbook out. 

Extracurricular activities receive as much attention, focusing on nurturing unique talents. Music clubs, chess clubs, fencing sport, book club, Christian union, and athletics are among the many disciplines and societies that keep the boys busy. The school’s student population stands at a little over one thousand creating a large community for team building. Competition is encouraged with healthy rivalry keeping the students on their toes. 

4. Campbell College

This institution is unique by virtue of its private status. I know, money is written all over your thoughts now. However, take a moment to consider what you’d actually be signing up for. Academic and extracurricular is regarded based on the individual’s strength. That way, a student who enjoys biology better, for instance, is encouraged to excel in it while balancing other subjects. The main focus of the Campbell College is to instill independence amongst the students. When they graduate, they have a better perspective of the direction they would like to take in life. 

5. Totally English

Studying at Totally English molds determined and ambitious students into achievers. English and business are the main focus of the institution. They go as far as connecting the two in developing the curriculum. Let me break it down; students who work in business-related fields get the chance to improve their English here. Alongside reading, writing, and conversational learning points, roleplaying is also involved. The students, hence, get a chance to learn English in an environment they are most familiar with. Convenient, right?


The above-mentioned schools have one thing in common: an appetite for excellence. Enrolling your child in any of them guarantees a great quality of life. If you were still looking, your search just came to an exciting end. 


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