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Q: How can I protect my business from crime?* A: This is a good question. Although the economy is starting to grow slightly, times are still very hard for businesses, and the last thing they want is to work hard to make money, only for their resources, property and equipment to be stolen by thieves. The best solution is to hire a security company. Make sure they are approved by the Security Industry Authority

Why Patent Lawyers End Up With Big Clients

Think of the world’s most established companies from consumer goods manufacturers and distributors to tech firms. They all have one thing in common; they all keep a secret; a secret so powerful that if it got out it would lead to their downfall. Think about a company like Coca-Cola, how is it that the drinks taste the same all over the world? The recipe, right? They all have to be following the same recipe. But what if their competitors got a hold of that recipe? They’d simply duplicate the drinks, which would eat into Coca-Cola’s market share, and maybe eventually put them out of business.

Now closer home; look at your phone. As much as most phones offer similar services; you know, dialer, internet, camera etc, there are some small differences that make one phone more popular than the other in different circumstances. These differences are what the tech companies use to market the phones. But what if the competitors bought the phone, duplicated their innovation, and mass produced it? The original owner will be at a loss. Read More...

How Trademark Laws Are Sometimes Abused By Aggressive Practices

Trademarks are quite funny. They are a great way to give organizations incentives for diverting part of the profits they make to prevent sharp and fraudulent dealings. On the downside, they are used by companies for legal bullying; stealing words.

Why Trademarks are Important

Trademarks are very essential when it comes to consumer protection; a company was sued by another one for marketing using deception. It was concluded that the suing company associated a mark, word or design, along with its services and products. The sued company then used the other company’s mark to market its services and products. Read More...

Where To Study In Belfast

School may sound like just another stage in life. Well, technically, it is more big a deal than some would like to admit. It’s the designated educational experience, which plays a big role in the development of a person. So how far should we go to maximize its benefits? 

Parents go through a lot trying to provide the best for their children. As far as academic development is concerned, well, let me help ease that burden. The following are schools, all located in Belfast, Ireland, for kids and teenagers, which offer the best learning experience. These schools will guarantee that your child will be prepared to face the world when they’re done.  Read More...


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